Memorable place “Šančevi Ivankovac”

Memorable place

"Šančevi Ivankovac"

Horreum margi

The historical complex "Sancevi Ivankovac" is a memorial park dedicated to a battle at Ivankovac in 1805. The complex is a park located in the wider area of the battle itself and today the reconstruction of the moats from that period can be seen. The central place is occupied by a monument of Serbian uprisings and the entire complex is protected by the Institute for the Protection of Cultural Monuments as a "cultural monument", an area of historical and scientific importance.

The battle at Ivankovac took place in August 1805 at the Ivankovac field near Cuprija, between Serbian uprisings under the general command of Karadjordje and the direct leadership of the dukes Milenko Stojkovic and Petar Dobrnjac and Turkish army led by Hafiz Mustafa Aga known as Hafiz Pasha. The battle ended on August 18, 1805 with the victory of the Serbian uprisings over a numbered and armed superior enemy, which is the first official victory of the Serbian uprisings over the regular Turkish army in the First Serbian Uprising, resulting in the withdrawal of the Turkish army to Nis.

It is interesting to note that in this battle the famous Karadjordje's cherry cannon fired for the first time in the Uprising, and the outcome of this victory had a positive effect on the morale of the Serbs as well as the motivation for later successes in the Uprising. In addition, the victory also meant winning a strong Turkish strategic goal, since Cuprija was the border between Belgrade and Leskovac Pasha area during that period, as well as a significant military and economic center. Also, the only crossing over the great Morava at that time was a wooden bridge built by the Turks in 1660 on the remains of a Roman bridge near Cuprija.