Horreum margi

The exhibition activity of the Museum "Horeum Margi-Ravno" Cuprija is very dynamic. The Museum gallery is the only reference space for exhibiting in Cuprija and one of the most attractive for exhibiting in Pomoravlje. Various types of exhibitions are organized in this space - curatorial, curated, solo, themed...

In order to raise awareness of the importance of culture and art, as well as to educate and create an interactive audience, since 2015 the Museum has started to realize the concept of presenting an exhibition to one of the most significant names of Serbian art of the 20th century once a year to the audience of Cuprija. So far, we have successfully completed the exhibitions of Mica Popovic (2015), Milena Pavlovic Barili (2016), Nadezda Petrovic (2017), Uros Predic (2018) and Sava Sumanovic (2019).

Also, the exhibition of works of art "Matic in Honor" is significant, which is realized after the art competition of the same name, the only one in Pomoravlje and the only surrealistic art competition in Serbia. This exhibition has been realized since 2015 as an integral part of the Matic Days program in Cuprija, and for its most successful work, the Matic Honor Award, which has been redeemed since 2019, has been awarded. In addition to popularizing contemporary creativity, this exhibition aims to create a quality collection of contemporary fine art work.

An important segment in the museum's exhibiting activities is also occupied by the exhibition of artists of Cuprija, traditionally organized by the Local Club of Fine Artists of Cuprija for ten years. This is a magazine of creativity of Cuprija that presents works by authors who are in any way connected with Cuprija.

Occasional exhibitions are the most dynamic activity of the Museum "Horeum Margi-Ravno" Cuprija, since occasional exhibitions are alternated in the interval of two weeks. Most of the exhibitions are organized according to the Contest for exhibiting in the museum gallery and within this type of activity, the museum cooperates with related institutions, museums, associations and educational institutions. Cooperation with the Native Museum of Jagodina, Native Museum of Paracin, Faculty of Arts from Nis, association ARTEF from Nis and the Native Club of Fine Artists Cuprija is significant.