Mission and Vision

Mission and Vision

Horreum margi

The museum aims to expand, study, document, protect and preserve collections of archeological, ethnological, historical and artistic character, as well as the archeological site "Horreum Margi" and thus serve as an open source of information for those who are well aware of cultural heritage as well as for those to whom it is a new experience, through its activities striving to attain the highest standards, making its movable and immovable cultural property accessible for viewing, studying and enjoying to the general public, allowing direct contact with the material and the immaterial cultural assets.

In addition to this, the important role of the Museum in the social community is to educate all populations of the inhabitation in order to preserve awareness and cherish the memory of the past, culture and art of the people and culture that existed in these regions in the near and distant past.

Cuprija has a very rich past, since it is located in the immediate vicinity of the Great Morava, which for millennia has suited various civilizations to develop their culture alongside it. In the valley of this largest Serbian river, Neolithic culture developed in the Stone Age (Supska), then Roman (the center of the modern settlement of Cuprija), medieval (the town of Ravno, whose locality is still unknown as the Ravanica monastery in Senj), a new century ( Ivankovac). These sites have been partially explored or almost unexplored. Their research would be significant in cultural, scientific and research terms, and putting them in the function of archeological parks would also mean strengthening the tourist potential of Cuprija. The close vicinity of these sites (about 10km) is a good tourist offer, since they are located in the immediate vicinity of the Belgrade - Nis highway, where tourists could at one place become acquainted with the multi-millennium development of humanity, cultures that existed in Europe but also with partly our culture, traditions and history.

The Museum "Horeum Margi-Ravno" must be an interactive mean through which the education of all populations will be directly facilitated i.e. a place where one observes, learns and experiences. In its day-to-day activities, the Museum must be at the service of the visitor and, through organizing various cultural contents, endeavor to educate and awaken awareness of the rich cultural past of the civilizations that existed in this area. The Museum "Horeum Margi-Ravno" must strive to be the leader of the development of the culture of Cuprija and Pomoravlje and to awaken in the residents of Cuprija a sense of pride, to give all visitors an impression of satisfaction, and to increase cultural awareness, striving to contribute to cultural, educational, tourist and every development of its place, region and country.